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Someone Else's Accounts on My Credit Report Report

Mixed Credit File Service Area by County

Our Michigan office focuses on helping consumers with other people's account information on their credit report. The law that governs credit reports can be enforced in federal courts within the state of Michigan, and the attorneys of Lyngklip & Associates are admitted to practice throughout the state of Michigan and each of the federal courts within Michigan. No matter where you are within the state, our Michigan attorneys can help with your mixed credit file issue.

Need Help Outside Michigan?

Our attorneys are licensed in the state of Michigan and admitted to practice for a number of federal courts throughout the country. If you are seeking legal advise about a matter arising in another state, we cannot provide legal advice about your situation, but we are happy to help you find an attorney who is licensed in your state who is qualified to help. We will not ask for any fee for helping your find an attorney or for referring a matter to another law firm.