Someone Else’s Accounts on My Credit Report in Macomb County

If you have found account information that belongs to someone else on your Macomb County credit report, you may be the victim of a “Mixed Credit File.” While most people have never heard of a mixed credit file, the credit bureaus know a lot about them. A mixed credit file happens when a credit bureau confuses two consumers, usually when they share a number of personal identifiers like a first and last name, date of birth or address.

Two People, One File

Because family members can share several pieces of key personal identification information, they are far more likely candidates for a mixed credit file. Think for instance of a “John Jones” and his son “John Jones, Jr.” who both live in Macomb County. These individuals share the same first and last name, address, and former addresses. Because so many items of information matches, the credit bureau computers consider them as the same person and place the credit for these two people on a single report, and simply disregard any differences. The result is that both individuals suffer.

Mixed Files in Macomb County

Mixed files can cause havoc for both of the individuals involved. If your Macomb County credit file has received data that belongs to another person as a result of a mix, your credit file may show that you carry debt more appropriate for two people than one. This can drive down your credit score and cause you to be denied credit or other opportunities.

If your credit data is not showing up in your own credit report — especially if you deal with nationwide banks and finance companies — your data may have gone onto another person’s report. This means that your financial credit history may be disclosed to people who you do not know and do not deal with. This kind of mix not only leaves you without the benefit of your own good credit, but also violates of your financial privacy by distributing your data to people who have no right or need for it.

If you have someone else’s credit on your report, or your report doesn’t show you own credit history, contact our attorneys for a free consultation or call now at (248) 208-8864.

Disputes Won’t Help

If you are like other victims of a mixed credit file, you may have disputed the problem, only to have it corrected and then return again. This is because the credit bureau computers will treat new incoming data the same way as it treated the data that came in before and caused the mix up. These systems are programmed to treat similar data in similar ways. So even if you have disputed before, the problem is likely to return when new credit information about you is received by the credit bureau. Ultimately, your reports won’t likely be corrected until you can convince the bureaus to change the way that they handle new data coming into your credit file.

Because the credit bureaus don’t have computer programmers handling consumer disputes for Macomb County residents, most disputes of mixed files are only temporary fixes. In order to get a more permanent solution, your best bet will be to file a lawsuit. In the vast majority of our cases, we resolve our cases with the credit bureaus by securing restoration of your own credit history. Call us now at (248) 208-8864 to speak to one of our attorneys servicing Macomb County. Or you can fill out our information form to get help with your Michigan mixed credit file now.

The Way to Restore Your Credit

The most common consequence of having someone else’s accounts on your credit report is credit damage. People who suffer from mixed credit files won’t be likely to get the credit they have earned and deserve and can spend countless hours trying to correct the credit bureau’s mistake.

Our experience shows that once a consumer brings a federal court lawsuit over a mixed credit file, the credit bureau will begin to look more seriously at the issue and will begin work to resolve credit reporting errors, if only avoid a judgment. Our attorneys sue these credit bureaus whose shoddy work harms Macomb County consumers and damages their credit. Our attorneys know how to recognize mixed credit files and have been offering service to Michigan mixed file victims for over 20 years, and we can help you restore your credit. If you need someone else’s accounts removed from your credit reports and your credit restored, contact us now for a free consultation or call (248) 208-8864.

Your Attorney’s Fees Paid by the Credit Bureaus

Federal law provides mixed credit file victims with the right to attorney’s fees for restoring their credit and fighting the credit bureaus. If you have someone else’s accounts on your credit report, your fees are paid by the other side, and we charge nothing unless we can get a recover for you. Your initial consultation is free. Email us for a free review of your mixed credit file problem or call now at (248) 208-8864.

Follow Up and Monitoring

After your case is done, we will help you to regularly check and monitor your credit report, with free annual review of your credit reports to insure that you stay free of account information that does not belong to you. We will help make sure that your credit file remains separate from anyone else’s so you can get the credit you are entitled to. Contact us for a free credit review.

Work with a Credit Report Lawyer in Macomb County

If you have had someone else’s accounts on your credit report, our firm can help. For more than 20 years, the law firm of Lyngklip & Associates has represented mixed credit victims and been a resource for Macomb County consumers who need the help of an experience credit lawyer. Our office is now 100% virtual and we can speak to you live via Zoom, Skype or another video conference system. ‘

To learn more or to schedule a free initial consultation with a credit reporting lawyer, contact our law firm today or call (248) 208-8864.

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