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Should I Make My Credit Dispute by Phone?

Credit Disputes by Telephone

Each of the major credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union) allow consumers to dispute information on their credit report by phone.  Disputing by phone has the advantage of being a quicker and sometimes easier process than writing a dispute letter.  See our articles, How to Draft a Dispute Letter and How Do I Dispute Errord on My Credit Report?

Complications of Disputing by Telephone

Even though the credit reporting agencies offer you the opportunity to dispute by telephone, these disputes present problems.  First, and most importantly, unless you record your conversation, you will not have any evidence of what was disputed or the information you provided to the credit bureau.  In the event of a law suit, this can present serious evidentiary hurdles, especially if the credit bureau denies that you called or raised a particular issue. 

Second, phone disputes do not provide consumers with the chance to submit supporting documentation.  In many instances, documents proving your position can be helpful for the credit bureaus, as well as jurors.  If you choose to dispute by phone, you lose the opportunity to show that your position is correct.

Phone calls may be used as a means of following up on a prior credit dispute. If you decide in favor of a credit dispute by phone, make sure to preserve the evidence of the call, such as recording, making notes, and keeping a call log. Check your state laws covering the recording of phone calls or consult a local attorney to find out if this is legal.

Credit Restoration, Compensation, and Your Fees Paid

If you have completed the dispute process and you still can't get the credit bureaus to correct your report, the FCRA allows you to sue agencies.  In most cases we are able to remove the false credit, get compensation for the consumer, and have the other side pay all the fees and costs.

Our experienced identity theft and credit reporting lawyers can let you know if you are ready to sue the credit bureaus and banks who have ruined your credit.

How We Can Help You

No matter where you are in the dispute process and how much help you need, Lyngklip & Associates is ready.  If you need help drafting your own dispute, you can use our self help resources or you can call us to help coach you through the process. If you have already finished your disputes, you may be ready to file a lawsuit.  Lyngklip & Associates, Southfield consumer law attorneys, offer free consultations to those who are struggling to have credit bureaus fix incorrect information on their credit reports. Call us  at (248) 208-8864 or complete our online form to schedule a consultation.



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