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Our team of consumer law attorneys have a proven track record in fighting for consumers' rights. Explore our core legal services below to see how we're helping other people.

Identity Theft

Identity thieves can strike anyone, using your good credit and name to open fraud accounts.  Federal law provides the tools restore your identity, clear your credit, and lock fraudsters out your credit profile.  We have helped to restore credit and recovered millions of dollars for victims of ID theft. Learn more about our identity theft practice and Take back control of you identity.

Someone Else's Accounts on Your Report

Nearly 10% of all credit disputes arise from having more than one person's data on a credit report.  Having someone else's accounts on your credit report is a symptom of a mixed credit file.  We can help separate your credit from the other person's and recover compensation for your credit denials and harm to your credit reputation  Find out more about our mixed file practice or call now at (248) 208-8864.

Credit Report Errors

Are mistakes on your credit report holding you back?  Credit reporting errors are command and can damage both your credit profile and credit score.  No matter how these errors arise, we can help you correct them and recover for any damage done.  et help now.

False Background Checks

Recently denied employment or a promotion because of an inaccurate background check?  Improperly conducted background checks can cause you to lose out on job opportunities or benefits. Find out if our attorneys can help.

Reported as Deceased

Every year the federal government falsely reports thousands of people as deceased to the credit bureaus.  These reports will trigger automatic denials for mortgages and other types of credits.   Let us help to restore the health of your credit profile.  Make an appointment for a consultation.

 Credit Card Fraud

The most common forms of identity theft involve fraudulent use of credit cards.  Whether your existing card has been used for fraudulent charges (credit card takeover fraud) or a new account was opened in your name (identity theft), we have the skills and experience to restore your credit.  Take back control of your credit now.


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