Mixed File Studies and Articles

One of the most common and well documented credit reporting errors is a "Mixed Credit File."  The mix happens when credit bureaus confuse two or more consumers, and attribute credit data to the wrong consumer.  This usually happens when consumers share a last name and several other identifiers like a birthday and former zip code.  Most frequently, these mixes occur in famililes where family members share a given name like "Joe" and "Joe, Jr." 

The issue with mixed files has existed since before the 1970 enactment of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  This problem has been documented in Congressional history of the FCRA, dozens of reported cases, and several enforcement actions by the government agencies.   Below are a number of the published documents discussing the problem. 

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Articles and Publications

Federal Cases

  • Anderson v. Equifax Info. Servs., LLC, No. 2:16-CV-2038-JAR (D. Kan. Mar. 29, 2018)
  • Campbell v. Experian Information Solutions, Inc., No. 08-4217-CV-C-NKL, at *1 (W.D. Mo. Nov. 13, 2009)
  • Neclerio v. Trans Union, LLC, 983 F. Supp. 2d 199 (D. Conn. 2013)
  • Valenzuela v. Equifax Info. Servs. LLC, No. CV-13-02259-PHX-DLR, at *1 (D. Ariz. Nov. 6, 2015)

 Testimony and Legislative Materials


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