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Medical Debt

Many medical service providers abuse consumers by reporting defaults on medical bills without ever presenting that bill to their patients. Often, this conduct arises because the medical provider has failed to properly bill a third-party payer for the service or missed the deadline for submission. Additionally, these service providers may also engage in "balance billing," an illegal practice where the medical provider bills the consumer for charges that are prohibited under the agreement with the insurance provider.

  • Balance Billing
  • Duplicate Billing
  • Failing to Present Bills to Consumers
  • Demanding Payments for Services that Weren't Provided
  • Demanding Payments for Services that are Unauthorized

No matter the reason why these bills are illegal, they should not be the cause of a credit score drop. If you have medical debt on your credit report that is dragging your credit score down, you may have remedies. 

While false medical debt reporting is a real problem thank can ruin your credit history and credit score, proving that a medical service provider has reported false information can be difficult without help from an experienced medical biller or patient advocate.  Lyngklip & Associates has teamed up with patient advocates to help consumers understand whether and when they have been improperly charged by medical providers. That same medical billing professional can help us build your case for false credit reporting.

If you think that you have been overcharged or inappropriately billed, call us. We will direct you to a medical billing professional who can help us determine whether you have been victim of false credit reporting, call (888) 400-CREDIT | (888) 400-2733 or contact us through this site. You can also reach our Michigan office locally at (248) 208-8864.

Common Cases

You may have a case under the Fair Credit Reporting Act if you notice the following things on your background report:

  • Fraudulent identity theft accounts on your credit credit report.
  • Someone else's Information on your credit report.
  • Paid accounts still showing a balance due.
  • Reporting your accounts in good standing as charged off or in collections.
  • Discharged debts still reporting as owed.
  • Paid tax lies showing as still owed.
  • Derogatory accounts more than 7 years old still on your report.
  • Previously deleted accounts that have been reinserted on your report.
  • Duplicate reporting of the same account.

If you would like help with one of these problems, call (888) 400-CREDIT | (888) 400-2733 or contact us through this site.