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State Bar of Michigan
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How to Make Law Better

Our Suggestions
  1. Make the Courts Work More Transparent
  2. Make the Courts Accountable
  3. Provide a Channel for Feedback
  4. Review the Courts for UX Experience
  5. Regularly Conduct Assessments of Industry Satisfaction and Suggestions
  6. Revise the Court Rules to Provide for Participation by Non Lawyers
  7. Revise the Ethics Rules to Modernize Practice
  8. Provide Sufficient Funding for Proper Oversight and Customer Service
  9. Supervise Non-Lawyers Participating in the Legal System
  10. Modernized the Courts for the 21st Century
  11. Revise ADR And Settlement Rules
  12. Do Away with Secret Settlements and Secret Litigation
  13. Allow for Specialization
  14. Do Away with the Multistate Bar Exam
  15. Provide for Uniform National Licensing Standards and Nationwide Federal Practice
  16. Small Claims Removal and Attorney's Fees
  17. Small Claims Appeals
  18. Binding Mandatory Arbitration
  19. Private Attorneys General and Fee Shifting