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CoreLogic Must Produce Its Hidden Documents

On January 4, 2019, United States Magistrate David Grand ordered Corelogic Rental Property Solutions, LLC (“CoreLogic) to produce documents that it had kept from the Plaintiff in an identity theft suit. In December 2017, Randy Cleary sued CoreLogic, for issuing a credit report to a prospective landlord, that falsely identified him as having committed several felonies. After filing suit, Mr. Cleary requested that CoreLogic produce documents that would help him show that CoreLogic had violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act. In response, CoreLogic and its attorneys objected and withheld documents from Mr. Cleary.

In response to Mr. Cleary's motion, the Court ordered CoreLogic to disclose and turnover documents that it had improperly withheld, including the following:

  • Any manuals, bulletins, or other documents addressing the prevalence or consequences of identity theft.
  • Financial records.
  • Documents identifying the sources of Michigan public records used to prepare credit reports.
  • Documents showing how CoreLogic evaluates is public record vendors.
  • Instructions and training showing how CoreLogic matches public record data to specific consumers.
  • Administrative complaints against CoreLogic.

Magistrate Grand gave CoreLogic until January 24, 2019 to turn over these documents to Mr. Cleary.

False information on a background check or credit report can cause credit denials, rejection for employment and loss of a security clearance. If CoreLogic has improperly posted criminal convictions on your credit report or background check, you can call Lyngklip & Associates, Consumer Law Center, PLC for a free consultation. Call (248) 208-8864 today.

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