Mistakenly Reported as Deceased in Emmet County

If you have mistakenly been reported as deceased by a credit bureau, you already know the impact that can have on your credit. That notation on your credit file can cause mortgage denials, revocation of your credit cards, and refusal of health care providers to provide you with necessary medical treatment. Being mistakenly reported as dead is no laughing matter, and this situation can turn your life upside down.

A Common Problem

While you may not have heard of this happening before, thousands of consumers each year experience the same thing.

Correcting the Reports of Your Death

Fixing a mistaken report of your own death can be a multi-step process. Many credit bureaus and financial institutions rely on the Death Master File to update their own records. So, if you have been reported as deceased in Emmet County, you many need to correct all the records that have been updated to include reports of your death, which may meaning notify multiple credit bureaus, government agencies, and organizations.

Our attorney are equipped with the skill and knowledge to help identify the places where a false death record resides and how to fix it. And for those organizations that refuse to correct their errors, Lyngklip & Associates can help you to build the case for correction and compensation. If you need help correcting a mistaken report of your own death in Emmet County, call now to (248) 208-8864 or contact us now through this site.

Your Attorney’s Fees Paid by the Credit Bureaus

Federal law provides victims of false credit reports with the right to attorney’s fees for restoring their credit and fighting the bureaus. If you have been mistakenly reported as deceased by the credit bureaus in Emmet County your fees are paid by the other side, and we charge nothing unless we can get a recover for you. Your initial consultation is free. Email us to review the credit that mistakenly report you as deceased or call (248) 208-8864.

Follow Up and Monitoring

After your case is done, we will help you to regularly check and monitor your credit report, with free annual review of your credit reports to insure that the credit bureaus don’t report you as deceased or make other inaccurate statements that can cause an embarrassing credit denial. We will help make sure that your credit file remains clear of errors.

Work with a Credit Reporting Lawyer

If you have been mistakenly reported as deceased by a credit bureau, our firm can help. For more than 25 years, the attorneys of Lyngklip & Associates have presented consumers with credit problems like yours and been a resource for Emmet County consumers who need help to correct false reports of their death. No matter whether you need a little coaching or would like us to handle the problem entirely, our experienced credit attorneys can help.

To learn more or to schedule a free initial consultation with a lawyer to help with your Michigan credit reporting issue. Contact our law firm today or call (248) 208-8864.

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Today, I stumbled across this law firm on the internet looking to have some questions answered for a pressing consumer protection situation. Brandy Moore an eartly angel and senior paralegal answered my questions. She was professional, knowledgable, polite and empathtic toward my situation. If I...


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