Reappearing Accounts in Kalamazoo County

If you successfully disputed inaccurate account information only to have it reappear on your credit report, you may be a victim of an improper reinsertion. Federal law prohibits credit reporting agencies from reinserting account information that was previously disputed and removed from a consumer’s credit report. The only way for a creditor to rereport the debt is to provide a certification that the information is correct. Then the credit bureau must provide notice to the consumer that the information will be reinserted.

But many creditors illegally sidestep this requirement by altering account information that allows the credit bureaus to identify the deleted account as having been previously removed. The end result for most consumers is an endless cycle of disputes and reappearances of false credit information. Lyngklip & Associates has seen this behavior and we can help correct your reports in Kalamazoo County and get you compensation for any harm to your credit.

Federal Protection for Consumers

The Fair Credit Reporting Act prohibits credit bureaus from allowing the improper reappearance of deleted information. That law requires the credit bureaus to insist on certifications and also requires them to put in place procedures to avoid reappearance of deleted information. This same law gives consumers the right to sue if the credit reporting agencies or financial institutions violate the law.

If you have been frustrated by the endless cycle of disputes, let one of our attorneys help. Contact us now to put an end repeated violations of the law by the credit bureaus and banks. Call us now at (248) 208-8864 or use our contact form to get a call from our staff.

More Disputes Won’t Help

If previously deleted information has been reinserted into your Kalamazoo County credit report, the procedures that should be put in place to protect you have already failed. This can happen when a credit takes affirmative steps to work around the procedures to protect consumers, or the when the credit bureaus don’t require creditors to properly identify accounts so they can be blocked from reappearance. Ultimately, if you have already disputed an item only to have it return, your rights have been violated and another dispute won’t get you the compensation that you are entitled to and won’t likely fix the problem.

If deleted credit information has reappeared in your credit report, your best solution may be to file a lawsuit. In the vast majority of our cases, we resolve our cases with the credit bureaus by securing restoration of your own credit history. Call us now at (248) 208-8864 to speak to one of our Michigan attorneys. Or you can fill out our information form to get help with your Michigan mixed credit file now.

Restore Your Credit

The most common consequence of reinserted credit information is credit damage. People who suffer from reappearance of deleted account information won’t be likely to get the credit they have earned and deserve and can spend countless hours trying to correct the credit bureau’s mistake. Our experience shows that once a consumer brings a lawsuit over a reinserted credit item, the credit bureau will begin to look more seriously at the issue and will resolve credit reporting errors in order to avoid a judgment.

Our attorneys sue these credit bureaus whose shoddy work harms consumers and damages their credit. Our attorneys know how to recognize reinserted credit accounts and have been offering service to Kalamazoo County residents for over 25 years, and we can help you restore your credit. If you need previously deleted credit information permanently removed from your credit reports and your credit restored, contact us now for a free consultation.

Your Attorney’s Fees Paid by the Credit Bureaus

Federal law provides reinsertion victims with the right to attorney’s fees for restoring their credit and fighting the credit bureaus. If you have previously deleted credit reappearing on your credit report, your fees are paid by the other side, and we charge nothing unless we can get a recover for you. Your initial consultation is free. Email us for a free review of your reappearing account problem in Kalamazoo County.

Follow Up and Monitoring

After your case is done, we will help you to regularly check and monitor your credit report, with free annual review of your credit reports to insure that you stay free of reappearing account information. We will help make sure that your credit file remains free from the deleted information.

Work with a Credit Report Lawyer in Michigan

If you have had previously removed credit information reappear your credit report, our firm can help. For more than 20 years, the law firm of Lyngklip & Associates has represented reinserted credit victims and been a resource for Kalamazoo County consumers who need the help of an experienced credit report attorney.

To learn more or to schedule a free initial consultation with a Michigan credit reporting lawyer, contact our law firm today or call (248) 208-8864.

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