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In Marquette County, identity theft is all too common. But few attorneys understand the unique problems faced by victims of identity theft or how to help those victims recover from this modern financial crime.

Our attorneys have been representing victims of identity theft since 2000, and we know how to stop the harm from a continuing identity theft and restore you to a normal financial life. You don’t need to suffer with identity theft any more. We understand your problem and how fix it.

Stop the Collectors

For most, the first sign of an identity theft is a collection call for an unfamiliar credit account that has been handed off to a professional debt collectors. These collectors are trained to reject any excuses from consumers, and they will ignore consumers’ claims that and account is the result of credit fraud.

Lyngklip & Associates knows how to stop the collection calls. If you need help stopping debt collectors in Marquette County, let us help you stop the collectors now.

Restore Your Credit

The most common problem faced by identity theft victims is the harm done to their credit when fraud accounts go into default. The same creditors who allow an identity thief to open a fraud accounts will use credit reporting and debt collection pressure consumers to pay for the fraud, even if that company knows the account is product of an identity theft. These unfair practices leave ID theft victims to pay the price, even though they did nothing to cause the problem.

Our attorneys sue creditors and credit bureaus who try to pass on the cost of identity theft to the victims. They can help you to restore your credit following an identity theft. If you need fraud accounts removed from your credit reports in Marquette County and to have your credit restored, ask to speak to one of our attorneys now.

Lawsuits and Judgments Dismissed

Many people first learn that their identity has been stolen when the receive a summons and complaint to court — or worse, a garnishment. Without an attorney to help, the legal system can steamroll over identity theft, leaving them to pay judgments for fraud accounts.

Our attorneys can help you stop any ongoing Allgan County lawsuits or collection actions and insure that those legal actions don’t become judgments that ruin your credit report. If you have received an lawsuit or garnishment for a fraudulent credit account, contact us now for a free consultation.

Damages for Your Frustration and Harm to Your Credit

We have help hundreds of identity theft victims recover damages against the credit bureaus and the financial institutions that use the credit reporting system to coerce payment. We can help you recover for any harm to your reputation, credit denials and the frustration you have dealt with in trying to remove fraud accounts from your report. We have helped to recover millions of dollars for victims of identity theft.

If you have been frustrated by the endless disputes, reports and hours on the phone, our attorneys can help you get compensation. Call for help with your Marquette County identity theft now.

Your Attorney’s Fees Paid by the Credit Bureaus

State and federal law provide identity theft victims with the right to attorney’s fees for restoring their credit or fight back against collectors of fraud accounts. If you have been the victim of identity theft, your fees are paid by the other side, and we charge nothing unless we can get a recover for you. There is no charge to you for your initial consultation in Marquette County. Email us for a free review of your identity theft problem.

Follow Up and Monitoring

After your case is done, we will help you to regularly check and monitor your credit report, with free annual review in Marquette County of your credit reports to insure that you stay free of adverse reporting from the identity theft.

Work with a Marquette County Identity Theft Lawyer

If you have had your identity stolen, you may have legal recourse. Our firm can help. For more than 20 years, the law firm of Lyngklip & Associates has represented identity theft victims and been a resource for Marquette County consumers who need the help of an experience credit lawyer.

To learn more or to schedule a free initial consultation with a Marquette County identity theft lawyer, contact our law firm today or call (248) 208-8864.

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