Our Data Vendors


We use the Microsoft Office 365 family of products as our primary office productivity suite. This includes Outlook and the Office 365 Exchange server, which we host through Microsoft. As a matter of company policy, we do not regularly transmit or receive consumer PII (personally identifiable information), protected, or “confidential”information over email. You learn more about Microsoft’s data practices on their web site.


Lyngklip & Associates uses Clio as its primary client and practice management platform. Clio Manage acts as a time-keeping, contact management, data storage, and secure communications service. You can learn more about Clio’s data practices on their web site.

Mind Meister and Meister Task

We use these two products from the Meister family of software to help track tasks and create data visualization of our cases. You can learn more about Meister’s security practices on their web site.

Other Vendors

  • Airtable
  • CaseFleet
  • ShareFile
  • Rindle
  • Documate
  • LawLytics
  • Sensei Enterprises

Client Reviews

Attorney and Senior Paralegal Brandy, is Very professional and knowledgeable. She really went the extra mile, answering all of my questions in depth, and helped put my mind at ease. I highly recommend this law firm


Received a response in less than 24 hours; the attorney who called me was very patient, kind, and helpful. She listened carefully to my situation and explained the law to me in terms I could understand, including advice on how I might proceed. Many thanks!


Today, I stumbled across this law firm on the internet looking to have some questions answered for a pressing consumer protection situation. Brandy Moore an eartly angel and senior paralegal answered my questions. She was professional, knowledgable, polite and empathtic toward my situation. If I...


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